Business Security (Cybersecurity) Explained

Business security (cybersecurity) is not just about technology and managing your ICT. 

There are 5 other areas where you need to concentrate.

Risk Management

Where are your Business Risks and how will you reduce them? 

If you do not know the risks to your crown jewels (data, IP, systems and people) then it is very hard to know what needs to be protected.

Without the what, the how is difficult.

Your Systems

Your business is unique which means that you have unique solutions.

How you run your business is just as important as the way that you protect it.

Making changes has to be tempered with how it will work in your business

Your people

The best security relies on aware teams and staff.

Your staff are the vanguard of your security. They see it all but need to know what they are seeing. 

They have to be made aware of what the bad guys are doing.

Your Technology

Put a framework around your business using the right technology.

Technology is not the answer.  It is part of the solution but not the whole solution.

It has to be implemented correctly, monitored and managed .


If it will happen then it will happen to you, be prepared to respond as well as track.

The ability to get back to business as fast as possible is critical in today's world.

To be resilient you have to be proactive.

To be able to report you need to know what happened.


Changes and improvement to business are vital to keep ahead of your rivals.

Technology changes, the way you do business changes. 

You have to have a way to plug in new requirements without changing the security paradigm.

What is your Score?

Do you know what you need to do to improve, update or implemented to make your organisation more secure?

Find out here?

Why would you think business security does not matter to you?

What is the risk to your most valuable asset?

Do you know what your most valuable asset is - now take it away?

What would the impact be on your company if it was stolen, inaccessable, compromised or altered?

Business security does not have to be complex or costly but it needs to be proactive.

It is all about proactive systems,  contingenciy plans, understanding your business capabilities, staff awareness and trusting no one.

We have tried to reduce information about digital and business security down to its basic essence to make it easier to understand without losing the protective requirements of every business in todays world.

Please watch the little 5 minute video that explains why you need to complete the CareMIT business security scorecard.

Even if you get above 85% in each area you need to continue to be proactive and aware.

How to complete the questions for the scorecard.

Answer the questions

Answer the are 48 easy yes/no/maybe, true/false/maybe questions.
Take your time it should take about 10 minutes

Fill in your details

Fill in your first name, last name and email address

Open your report

After we crunch the numbers your report will be emailed to your inbox in about 10 minutes.
Read your report and make the appropriate changes